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Written at 1:42 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 27, 2005

Four days can really go by quickly. I'm not ready to go back to work yet.

These four days have been great though. Alot of laying around with "New Guy". I think he's domesticating me in scary ways. Yesterday I baked cookies. This morning I baked a cake. I never bake. I barely boil water.

I didnt have a choice with the cookies. I really wanted cookies and I remembered the cookies I bought from the boy down the street. My balloon got popped when I found out it was raw cookie dough and I had to bake it myself. That led to me going to the store for a cookie sheet, being as I dont bake much and didnt have one. Three dozen later, I may still be on a sugar rush.

So yeah, "New Guy". He's been here all four days. This morning we were at the store looking around at things. He talks alot. And I try so hard to listen, but after a while its all just white noise. I find myself asking him to repeat himself alot. I mean really, how do you get every word from someone who just never comes up for air. He gets a little irritated that I have him repeat himself so much. And it only took him to roll his eyes once to find him standing in the store alone while I went out to my car. He apologized. So where is he now? I sent him on some crazy scavenger hunt for something to keep him occupied. I can neither confirm nor deny that it is something that exists at all.

Other than that, my Thanksgiving has been pretty mellow. I am not ready to go back to work yet. Just one more day will do. Just one.