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Written at 4:25 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 02, 2005

I got a nice phone call today...from the O.C. Sheriff's Department.

A while ago (way too long ago for it to be coming up now)I had to have the police come out to my house and remove Matt from my house. Although, by the time the cops came, he was long gone.

Anyhoo, this woman called me this morning digging the whole thing up again. See, it seems that when you call the police on someone, you arent given the choice of whether you want to press charges or not. No, nowadays its out of your hands. So she called to get my side of the story. I didnt have much to say. I tried explaining that it wasnt a domestic altercation, it was me trying to remove someone from my home that just didnt want to go. I dont want to have him arrested. What happens now is they talk with him and get his side. And depending on what he says and looking over any criminal history he may be charged by the county, not even me. And there is nothing I can say or do about it.

I told the woman that it was an isolated incident. That there was alcohol involved and even though I dont think there is an excuse there, it had never happened before and didnt happen again. But she still said that they look over his records and depending how many priors are related, they may take him in. That is just not what I want. I dont want to re-hash it and have to keep going over it with several people.

She also said she had the 911 tape...and his record. And it didnt look good. Although, there has been nothing on his record since 1998-1999, everything that was on his record was related. I just do not want to do this. I'm the wallflower. I just want to blend in and not be noticed. This is so the opposite of that. Its a chapter of my life that has been closed and I wish to keep it closed. I dont want any part of this.

What a jacked up way to start my weekend. I can only assume she called him after she talked to me...and I'll probably get some equally jacked up voicemail from him assuming this is my doing. I didnt have any role in this.

And its almost like they want to start something. Even that night. She told me that the cop noted that I had a 1 1/2 inch bruise on my cheek. I didnt see anything then, but somehow I got a call the next day from someone wanting to come out and take pictures of my bruises. I just told him that there was nothing to photograph, I didnt have any bruises. I tried to explain that it wasnt like that. I was just somebody that wanted to get someone else out of her house. Not someone that was getting kicked around. And I know that this is nothing to kid about, there are so many women out there getting smacked around on a daily basis. But this wasnt like that. She explained that ever since the whole O.J. Simpson thing, any kind of domestic abuse is investigated and no longer in the hands of the victim.

So now I get to just sit back and wait. Hoping and praying that they decide to let it go. I did.

Fuck! I just wanted to go home, cook dinner for "New Guy" and have a mild weekend. Now I have this hanging over my head, so the mild part has been eliminated.