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Written at 8:40 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 06, 2005

Last night, "New Guy" (who we'll call Charlie from now on)...was very close to losing his life.

I have never really been angry at him before. I've been upset and even annoyed at times. Last night, I was just downright angry at him.

Let me rewind it a little bit...

Sunday I was at home just kinda hanging out. I didnt have anything in the house to drink...nothing. I thought long and hard about how badly I wanted something to drink. It was pretty bad. I remembered that I needed to go to the pharmacy to pick up my perscription. Yeah, I'll go to the pharmacy (I'm thinking this to myself) and they have that big water fridge thingie right near the pharmacy counter. So I picked up two LARGE bottles of water. It was water that I really wante3d anyway. So I go home and throughout the night, I drank half of the rather large bottle.

Yesterday after work, I think to myself again (I do that alot)...Do I need to stop on my way home for anything? I have food for dinner. Oh, and I still have water, so no, I can go right on home.

And this is where my night fell to shit. Right about here.

"I'm thirsty. Oooh, my water." Then I glance around the room trying to find my water. "Hey, Charlie...have you seen my water? Big blue bottle, left it right here on the coffee table?" His reply..."Oh yeah, half a bottle right? Oh, I used that to water your plants."

No he did not! I had to replay it in my head a few times. Did he just tell me he used my bottled water to water the fucking plants? Yeah, I think he just did. Then I remember that I did buy two bottles. "Hey, do you know where the other bottle is?" All I got from that was the deer caught in headlights look. After I stared long enough waiting for an answer, he finally shrugged "I dont know".

My next plan of action was to go check in my car and see if maybe I had one, just one bottle, of water somewhere. Nope. None. I decide that I'm going to just bite it and go to the store and buy more. By this point, I'm mad. I wasnt like outrageously mad or anything. More upset than anything. And even when the realization came that I couldnt leave. I let him use my carport and there were NO open parking spaces anywhere in sight. So I stumble back into the house. I explained that I couldnt leave because he has the carport.

Right here. Right here is where it fell from upset to just seething anger. He looks at me and says, "Just get over it already." Oh no he didnt. He didnt just use my bottled water to water my plants and when I get a little (okay, a little more than a little) upset about it, he tells me to get over it. Oh hell no. I get up all furious as I am and go into the bedroom. Just as I'm rounding the hallway, I hear "Where are you going?" Oh, I'm going into the get over it."

I know I may have over-reacted. I know this. But, and I will stand behind this, its all principle now. I want to put something somewhere and expect to come back and find it right where I left it. And if you do something like that, you say "sorry" not "get over it."

This morning I forwarded him an email of my daily horoscope. It said someting about no raking someone over the coals for a mistake. Irony. I sent with it a little message...I strongly recommend that when you stop on your way over tonight, you get me some F'n water. Have a nice day.

I know, I know. Mountains out of molehills.