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Written at 10:20 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 09, 2005

It is finally Friday. This has felt like the longest week. And the way today is going, this is still an ongoing long week.

I have just been frustrated all day. Seriously. I know it just isn't me either. Ok, here's a Math problem for you. Ok, John Doe Company has two invoices...we'll say for $1000 each. Invoice B has a credit memo for $500. Now checks came in for both invoices. John Doe Co. paid invoice B in full, the whole $1,000. However, invoice A's check was short $500. Its not rocket science. It didnt require four phone calls and three emails to figure it out.

Gawd, Angel. You of all people should know. Its a constant desire to bang your head repeatedly on something hard.

I just really want to start my weekend. I have so many things that I need to get done this weekend. My company Christmas party is next weekend, so I need to find something to wear, get my hair and nails done. I also have to go grocery shopping, pay bills and get them to the post office. Oh, and I have to get to the bank to deposit money to pay for the aforementioned bills. Places kinda like it when your check goes through the first time.

So last night...the guy didn't call me back. This morning, I came in to an email that he sent me at 5:12 yesterday. It said "Call me...please". Well, if I get off work at 5 and leave, then I'm not going to get your email at 5:12. I don't understand why he just didn't call.

Earlier today, there was a guy that came in selling a package of yoga, pilates and massage. He was quickly skirted out while I was talking to him by another woman in my office. I would've really enjoyed that package and am little upset that he was asked to leave while we were in a conversation. It did, however, remind me that I still haven't used the last package I bought. So I called up and made an appointment for tomorrow to go get a facial, some microdermabrasion and a neck, back and shoulder massage. I really should use up the spa packages I've already bought before I buy some more. So that's something relaxing to look forward to this weekend. Maybe my frustration is balancing itself out yet.

The only bad thing about these packages, and how they really make their money, is with the upgrades. I upgraded to a 50 minute facial and massage for an extra $80. I really shouldn't be spending money on things like that. But I rationalize it by reminding myself that I never do anything for myself. So tomorrow is all about me.

Let's start the weekend already...