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Written at 11:11 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 01, 2006

Nutshell? This has been the single most lame ass New Year I think I've ever had.

He came here straight from work. Sorta. I guess when I had said the other day that I just want to stay home on New Year's and simply have a nice dinner, I should clarified that "nice dinner" doesnt consist of potato chips, Fresca and Vodka. None of which I could ingest. Lame part #1.

Lame part #2 stepped in about 9 pm when he said he wanted to take a nap until 11. Being as I hadnt slept since 6 am Friday morning (mostly due to his Friday night escapade that I havent even begun to come to terms with), I was all about a nap too. I set my alarm for 11 and went to bed. I'm pretty sure it went off, but I think I just turned it off and went back to sleep. I mean really, how does a person who is running off of no sleep for 40 hours straight get up after a 2 hour nap? Impossible.

I did happen to crack my eyes and noticed the clock read 12:05. Five minutes late. By that time, I wasnt even going to attempt to salvage the night. It just simply wasnt worth it. And I just didnt care enough to try.

So needless to say...New Year's eve sucked.

Today has been okay. It was weird. Without even saying the words, it was just known. Nothing was said, but we both know were it stands and that we are going in seperate directions. He just somehow knew that we have reached an empass.

And its okay...