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Written at 1:56 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 04, 2006

I have decided to take a middle of the road approach. I'm not going to let this whole thing bring a black cloud over me.

Last night, I broke it down to him like this. "I am going to overlook this ONE thing. You've never done this before and I cant hold you accountable for the mistakes of the guy before you. Just understand that the experiences have changed me in a huge way. However, and there's always a however, this is your second (and last) chance. I've got one foot out the door now. You do this again, I'm out and the door is closed and locked behind me."

After a lot of thought, I think that's fair. Its meeting halfway. Its being understanding that he's never done this before, but its also being stern and letting him know that I didn't like what he did and if he does it again...I'm out. Its the happy medium.

As for today, its going okay so far. I'm trying to maintain my sanity the best I can. There is just way too much stuff that I need to get done. I took my car in for its 60,000 mile maintenance. I haven't hit 60k yet, but I missed the 30K so I didn't want to wait. It'll probably take me another year before I hit it. And I got it at a great price.

On my lunch today, I went with a co-worker to the mall to Victoria's Secret. It was nice walking around. My legs have been feeling so much better lately. I've been doing a lot of exercises to try to build up strength. I made the mistake of doing squats, so the muscles on the inside of my legs hurt badly. That alone makes it hard to get around.

My good friend Maria called me yesterday night on my way home from work. She's been upset about her husband spending too much time with one of her friends. She forecasts a divorce. I told her that I give her credit. If that was my man, we'd be forecasting a funeral. Is noone faithful anymore? So I told her that this Saturday I wanted to take her with my when I get my hair done. I think she's losing some self esteem with this so I wanted her to come with me. I am sure she'll feel better about herself if she gets a new haircut or hair color. I know it sometimes works for me.

My family is stalking me again. I've received two phone calls today. My aunt in Seattle and my cousin who lives 15 minutes away. My aunt back in Baltimore kinda freaks out if she doesn't hear from me or if no one else has talked to me to confirm I'm okay. Personally, I joke about feeling stalked, but I think its nice. I feel so far away from my family and its comforting that I have someone who will seek me out if she doesn't hear from me.

Aside from that, nothing else really going on. Now I have to make it through the next 3 hours without going face down onto my desk because I'm tired.