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Everybody's working for the weekend
Written at 1:58 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 06, 2006

I think I'm getting sick. I really hope not, but my nose wont stop running. Now, its all red and irritated. Right before the weekend too. Dang.

I managed to get some bills paid. Every now and then its nice to pretend I'm responsible and am a contributing member of society. Only once a month. I like electricity and running water too much. I'm also about 2 or 3 car payments away from having my car paid off. It would really suck to come out one morning to go to work and find my car has been repo'd.

So with that being done, I can enjoy my weekend. My neighbor is in Florida visiting someone. She left last night or today or is planning to leave this weekend. I dont know. I hope she did something with all of her animals. When I say "did something", I mean I'm hoping she took them somewhere instead of having someone come feed them. She has a tiny dog and three cats. One of her cats is a pet for her dog. Yes, the dog has his own pet.

Last night, the tiny dog yelped and barked all damn night. Every time I open my front door or make a sound, he starts going crazy. That combined with Big Foot upstairs above me, made for a miserable night last night.

I was going to hit the grocery store on my way home tonight, but I think I'm going to pass. This is my first weekend that doesnt have a holiday attached to it, so I'm doing what I want all weekend. I'm still planning to meet up with my friend tomorrow to get our hair done. I havent seen her for about a year, maybe two, so this should be fun.

Now, I just need to get past the next three hours to get my weekend started. I think I can do it.