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Sorry I'm not home right now, I'm walking into spiderwebs, but leave a message and I'll call you back
Written at 3:49 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 13, 2006

Its finally Friday. I cant shake this headache, but I'm trying.

It just seems this week has been...challenging. In every way, shape and form. And I'm glad that its over.

I don't really have any definite plans this weekend. I was going to go tonight to get my nails done, but since a co-worker came an hour out of his way to have drinks with me, I'm opting for nails tomorrow. Only seems right. And after the week I've had...endless pitchers sound right too.

I always have a million things to write, but now that I'm here...nothing. My brain has just totally been on overload this week. I really need these next two days to recover. I don't want to have to think about a damn thing. Not a one. I don't really want to deal with anyone either. I know it sounds bad, but I don't.

I think this all stems from the phone calls I had on my voicemail this morning. one guy, E, I've decided not to get within ten feet of. I can smell disaster a mile away with him. For the love of Gawd, he still lives with his ex and their two kids. I'd be stupid to want any part of that. Enough said.

Then there's S. He's the church going, retirement home visitor. He almost seems too pure for me. Like I may come along and taint him in some way. And his son takes up a lot of his time. And he should. I'm not complaining about that. But he's already talked about how his son doesn't want him to date, so he goes out of his way to embarrass him. Another one I need to back away slowly from. He'd make a great friend, but that's it.

Charlie. He's been pretty good there. I think I have him scared in a freaky kind of Burning Bed kind of way. He explains everything in depth. "I took lunch at 12:17. Its Friday, so I had to go to the bank. The bank ate up my lunch and that's why I didn't call you". He apologizes for saying something 30 seconds after he says it. And if he thinks something he says can be misconstrued in any way, he will explain his exact intention for the sentence.

Matt. He called and left me a voicemail too. He asked me to call him back. He can go pound sand.

I think this weekend, I'm just going to turn my phone off. That's the only way to guarantee a quiet weekend.