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Written at 3:23 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2006

Things are strting to settle down...a little.

My friend is coming to terms with all of this. Its just hard, ya know, when its one of your children. She is surprisingly better today than yesterday. I told you...she is so amazingly strong like that. I also keep trying to reassure her that modern medicine is nothing like it used to be. Because of that, its no longer a death sentence like it was years ago. He will probably outlive me. It still breaks my heart though. Even though I think she finds it comforting to hear, this is still her child and she cant help being distraught over this. I would be too if it were my kid.

Things like this really put your life into perspective. I tell you. As bad as my health is at times, I'm thankful I dont have to deal with anything like that. I'll definitely be complaining about alot less and appreciate what I do have. One of life's lessons, I suppose.

It really did make me think about things. And what I would like to change about my life. There's something about to happen. I'm not sure exactly what its going to be, but it will have a big impact on things for me. I dont want to say anything except it rhymes with bob.

I really need a new one.