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Written at 11:28 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2006

I need to start listening to people more. You were so right on last night. About the being busy thing and all. I accidentally fell asleep with my computer on and signed on to my yahoo IM. When I woke up this morning, I found the cutest message waiting for me. Hello, sweetie. I really enjoyed the other day. I hope I can see you soon. Why, yes. Yes you can.

I really didnt think I had a reason to think he didnt. I mean, the man spent the majority of the day smelling my hair. (Is that good or bad?) Either way, I dont really care. I really had a good time on Sunday.

And I just dont get it. I never did and I probably never will. Why is it that the person I want to call doesnt call until I'm not interested in them anymore. I was all happy this morning when I saw I had a missed call on my cell phone. I was hoping it was "S"...but no, it was "E" instead. And that's what I'm talking about. Last week, I wanted him to call...and he didnt until I no longer cared if he called. Its just another trick the universe played on me.

Another instance. "Long time crush". He's another one I wanted to call. And I didnt hear from him until last night too. "Hi, doll." I'm telling you. There is a parallel universe somewhere and that Tracey is having alot of fun with some hots guys...while the Tracey in this universe falters...repeatedly.

Yeah, about "E". I guess last night there was a Kings - Ducks game at the pond that my company got to take clients to. It was known right off the was to be a guys only thing. One of my co-workers took "E" and I guess they hassled him for most of the night. "What's with you and Tracey...I hear you calling her meet her for lunch quite often." I simply answered that with a "Its none of your business and even if it was, you still wouldnt get an answer. That's exactly how stupid shit gets started. And its normally by stupid people.

I need to get a massage so badly. I think its how I'm sleeping, but I've woke up every day for the last week with a sore neck. Today its even worse. Its spreading down my back. I think I'm going to call that medspa I had the microdermabrasion at and have them give me a nice massage. I just happened to get their email and voicemail yesterday.

At least today is creeping through very evenly so far. Nothing bad, nothing great. Just even.