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Written at 7:13 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 09, 2006

I take back what I was painful.

I got up early again to go to the courthouse. When we got there, we had to try to figure out where to go. And you know men...they NEVER stop for directions. So it was like doing the Indy 500 around the courthouse...a few times over. Finally they sent us to a courtroom that I thought was going to take care of it. Nope. Wrong. They asked us to come back at 1:30...and I did and was told to come back at 3...and did that too. Only to hold down the bench outside the courtroom for another hour. Finally, when I saw the little bailiff guy, I asked him..."Not trying to be a pain or anything, but we've been here all day and our time keeps getting pushed back. No offense, but I've already taken two days off work to fix this and I cant take off another day, so do you predict any sunshine in the forecast?" I dont think he liked that, but it kinda worked. Twenty minutes later we were called in. Just to hear, "Warrant recalled, trial date set 3/6...see you then." By this time, I just nodded and left.

And when I tell my co-workers (because I had to take more time than originally planned) "Call me if you need anything" it doesnt mean call me 50 times with stupid ass questions. Apparently, since I wasnt there the night service was never taken off. It seems my boss didnt know how to correct the problem. Dont let the red button that says "NIGHT" fool ya, and the light goes off and on for, well, off an on. Its not rocket science.

The one thing that had me a little upset was that today is Thursday. I needed to go for my shot, but instead sat in a courthouse all day and didnt go. I called them up and asked if I could come tomorrow and what were the ramifications, if any, of me being a day late. It seems none. So something was in my favor today.

And people are annoying. Seriously. Dont mistaken the courthouse as daycare for your kids. Its still expected of you to keep your little rugrats in check. Yes, there are cops with guns, but its not their job to police your hoodlums. Kids. All over the place. Kids with cell phones no less.

So when I got home tonight, all I wanted to do was cral my tired ass to bed, pull the covers over my head, and lay comatose for the next 8 hours. That didnt happen. I needed some necessities for the house. Which then, since I was already out, prompted a little clothes shopping spree.

Now, back to the crawling...bed...comatose. I'm so exhausted.