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Written at 10:59 a.m. on Friday, Mar. 10, 2006

It feels like every time I try to get ahead, things just crumble out from under me. One step forward, two steps back, ya know.

I am trying so hard to get caught up on things. I made my last car payment today, but I have some late fees that need to be paid before I can fully own my car. But, noone there wants to answer the phone.

I also changed my number of allowances. That way, hopefully I can get a little bit more money on my paychecks. For some reason, I was claiming 3 and last year I changed it to 0. Now, I'm going to claim 1 just to get less money taken out for taxes.

I also ordered my DSL service and am getting rid of what I have now. That right there should save me over half of what I was paying. And having to change telephone carriers to get DSL, I cut my phone bill in half too.

See the common denominator here? Its money and its all about saving as much as I can. Its almost like a depression. I'm hoarding my money away big time. I'm not stressing for money by any means. Its just been a change for me when Matt moved out and I had to front rent on my own. I've always gotten by, but I see myself getting tighter every month. Its not like I'm stockpiling cases of food and water and what not. But I'm going to conserve as much as I can.

The cable is next to go. I'm not giving up my DVR because that I actually use alot. I am going to drop all of the HBO's and other premium channels. I can live without them.

So that is my big master plan. Its about all I've got right now. Who knows, there's probably alot of other places where I can cut back.

See, this is a big part of my "rely on noone" plan. This just may work.