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Written at 11:55 a.m. on Monday, Mar. 13, 2006

Me? Oh, nothing really going on here.

This weekend went by too quick. They normally do. I spent Saturday day at home. Another Margarita day. I did laundry and cleaned my house again. Basically, I just figured that if I laid low all weekend, then I'd spend very little money. Do the margaritas count?

Friday night, I was going to meet two friends at "Cheers", but something came up and I never made it. I hate being that friend that no matter what the excuse, she never shows up. I had a really good excuse. Not one that I want to talk about, but a good one nonetheless.

Yesterday, I found one of my cell phone ear pieces and wanted to see if it still worked so I called my voicemail. Unaware to me, I had two new messages that I didnt know were there and were never notified about. One of the messages was from my "Ghettogirl". I havent talked to her in months. I think the last time I tqalked to her, she said she was pregnant and her and her husband were moving to Colorado. Long story short...she ended up losing the baby and her and her husband are looking at divorce. Has nothing to do with her miscarriage, more the male's stupidity. So I'm goig to try to see her sometime this week.

If I mak it through today I will be impressed. I called the pharmacy earlier to see if a refill was called in. It seems that my doctor, who is not at the telephone number or address the pharmacist read to me, said that I am not loger his patient. My doctor would never ever say that. So now I'm dealing with the incompetence that is my life. I cant even call in a refill without it being a big pain in the ass.

Believe me. I make such an impression that my doctor will never forget me. Even if he wanted to.

Today is Matt's court date. His arraignment. I didnt go. I didnt even want to go. Why take the day off for something that I dont care what the outcome is. Either way, it just wasnt worth it.

I really do hate Mondays.