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Written at 8:21 a.m. on Friday, Mar. 17, 2006

It is finally Friday.

Last night was nice. I think I should have picked a better place, but I wanted something familiar. "Cheers" it was. Noone was there, it was very quiet. I got my usual...Smirnoff Ice with a shot of Chambourd. So we sat there talking. At first I sat there thinking to myself What are you doing here? You shouldnt be here. But I have to admit that I did have a very nice time.

We were taling about something and he started talking about his mother. I guess he took care of her until she died. Seriously, that right there bought me. Because I'm always thinking about how I'm never gauranteed a tomorrow. I may wake up tomorrow it will all be different. And how its going to take a special person that is patient and understanding. So to hear him say that meant alot. More than he thinks.

I dont know if I can bring myself to care about him like that. I really need so much more time. I know that much. I know I'm not ready and it would be a disaster if I attempted it and wasnt ready. So for now he'll be a very, very good friend and go from there. And we agreed to go out again.

He's going to stop by my office today so bring me something. I am also going to give him the cookies that I was supposed to give him last night. He's someone that we work with so I was supposed to bring him our company cookies. Those cookies should be worth their weight in gold. They're so good that I almost dont wqant to give them to him. But I will. I dont need 2 dozen cookies anyway. I dont need the sugar.

Tonight. Even though its Saint Patrick's Day I dont think I am going to go out for green beer tonight. I think I'll stick to my margaritas at home tonight. I may even have a few people over. Dont know yet.

Who cares? Its finally Friday.