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Sick and tired of this world, there's no more air...tripping over myself, going nowhere...waiting, suffocating
Written at 1:52 p.m. on Monday, Mar. 27, 2006

It was such an awesome weekend and I'm sad to see it over. I hate Mondays.

Friday, "MyGhettoGirl" came over. I know she's going through a really bad seperation from her husband so I wanted her to come over and take her mind off it. Or at least try. We ordered pizza and watched movies. It was nice just staying home and being lazy. She spent the night. Sure as anything and just like clockwork, 2 am came and so did the phone calls. I didnt pick up, but there was a message. Couldnt really make out what was being said. When I realized it was 2 am, because I was sleeping, combined with the drunk garbling, I just deleted it. Couldnt possibly be important in any way. Doesnt he get tired of being the village idiot? Or the town drunk? Guess not.

Saturday morning I had a hair appointment that I missed. I didnt remember I had one until I talked to my friend and she reminded me because she had one too. I had to call up and cancel it. I was planning on having a friend over about noon. My friend, the one I went out with last Thursday to "Cheers", wanted to come over and watch Nascar. Thankfully, he called and realized Nascar was on Sunday. And again, thankfully he had plans on Sunday. I did say I'd DVR it and we'd watch it this week sometime. I'd love to say that I'm excited, but Nascar is boring. A bunch of cars circling around over and over again. Sorry for those of you that love Nascar. No offense. When I talked to him later, he said he did manage to watch the first ten laps. WTF! How many laps are there? I'm not making a day out of this because there are a hundred laps.

Yesterday I ended up cleaning up my house. I finally got around to cleaning up my patio. With the new patio furniture I have, it looks nice. It no longer looks like I just moved in. Its only taken me since September to get it done.

Today I spent my lunch with Renee shopping at this whole foods place near work. I got alot of good food, but the place is like a madhouse at lunch time. I mean really, how many times do I have to say excuse me before ya get the hell out of my way? Lucky number today: 6. They have awesome food, but its not worth the annoyance that comes with it.

Tonight I am going to cook one kick-ass meal though. I am going to get to the gym tonight. Its a must. I keep saying I'm going to go, but never do. So tonight I am going to kick my own ass to get going. We'll see if it works. It really only works when someone else is doing the kicking for you. But we'll see.