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Written at 4:27 p.m. on Thursday, Mar. 30, 2006

The newspaper article reads Crazy Woman Goes Irate and Storms Into Doctor's Office and Will Not Leave Until She Gets Her Refill.

Or at least that is what it will say. I am so ready to just explode that I am almost twitching at the very thought. It just shouldnt be this hard.

I called my delivery place that I get my shots from to follow up on a delivery that I am expecting to come by Friday. They needed refills on it and everyone was pointing fingers at someone else. The delivery place blamed my neurologist for not faxing back the refills. My doctor's office blamed the delivery place claiming they faxed them several times. I dont care whose fault it is. Someone dropped the ball and is sitting on my paperwork somewhere. Lets move beyond pointing fingers and just correct the problem. Its not like I'm some tweeked out patient trying to get a hold of painkillers or anything of that nature. This is a shot that I dont really want to take to begin with. But I have to.

All I know is I had 3 (THREE) different places helping me on this. The local pharmacy, my primary doctor and another neurologist's office. I will not hesitate to show up at someone's office to get this handled. Squeaky wheel, right?

Now that I finally got that taken care of, its left me with one big ass headache. I'd love to take something for it, but I'm not about to go through the rigmorale on another refill. Totally not worth it.

It did get me into getting alot of other things taken care of. Got the newspaper thing rectified. My seminar request is in. And a few other things. It is both a blessing and a curse being a Virgo. I need everything to be so planned out down to the very last detail. There is no spur of the moment for me. On the other hand, I generally dont have to worry about things because they're usually so planned out that all my bases are covered. Who did I get this from? Neither of my parents are/were like this. They're the "fly by the seat of your pants" types. But it works for me.

I'm supposed to go out with my friend Lauren tonight. She and her boyfriend recently broke up and she's wanting me to go to a church singles thing with her. I am not 100% certain that I wont spontaneously combust upon enterance to a church. I dont mean that in a sacreligious kind of way. Its just been a very long time. And the thought of a singles thing scares me. Unless of course, I can find a guy that's relationship phobic too. Shouldnt be hard. They all are right?

Maybe its the thought of meeting someone while being sober that scares me.