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Written at 9:36 a.m. on Wednesday, Apr. 12, 2006

I'm having an incredibly off day today...

First, I absolutely cannot get my DSL to work right. It has been working for the past month or so. Now, I cant even get online to update all my antivirus, spyware and adware softwares. Its frustrating the hell out of me. Just another example of how Tracey pays for a service she just doesnt get.

Then I get up this morning, take a shower, get out and attempt to blow dry my hair. Howerever, the two prongs on the cord of my hairdryer are busted. One of them is playing peek-a-boo and considerably shorter than the other. I just used it yesterday and it was fine. I just bought it a month ago. Needless to say, Tracey went to work with wet hair. I at least attempted the drive and dry down, heater on. Kinda worked. Kinda didnt.

I swear, I really did wake up in a positive mood. I really was determinded to make it a good day. Plan always fails around 8:15 when I get to work. Its almost like everyone simultaneously bumped their heads and forgot what they need to do. I guess it's true...ignorance is bliss.

Yesterday though, my manager came and told me she was talking to a client and they asked if I'd be interested in a job with their company. Hmmm, everything is discussible. I think its way too far for me to drive every day.

I did, and I dont quite know why, get emailed a picture from the dude our New Orleans office. He said it was so I could put a face with the name. My first thought...anyway I could transfer to Nawlins? That was proceeded with the rational thought...No dipping pens in company ink. Its always a horrible outcome.

"MyGhettogirl" called me up this morning in tears about her soon to be exhusband. I feel bad, because he is pulling some really shady crap on her. I'm trying to get her to come down this weekend so we can go out and play. It will do her a world of good and it wouldnt hurt me either.

At least we are halfway through the week.