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Written at 12:39 p.m. on Monday, Apr. 17, 2006

I cant even begin to explain how nice my weekend was...but I'll try.

Friday, my friend came over. We went out and grabbed dinner and went back to my house. At about 9-9:30 we headed to "Cheers". The place was packed. We could not get a table to save our lives. We couldnt even really find a place to stand. You'd have thought it was Saint Patrick's Day it was so crowded. Oh, its an Irish pub if I didnt already clarify that.

We did finally get a table way in the back of the place. So we sat in our little booth...her drinking and me wondering why I always volunteer to be the designated driver. It was creepy guy night at the bar. It was either really old men or too young and probably shouldnt have been there. And unfortunately, my middle name is "Creepy Guy Magnet". An older guy who is 44, but looks more like 64, creeped me out the most. I love your nose ring...Your mouth is dynamite. Dont look intently at either because you arent getting anything here.

Then there was a marine that wanted me to dance with him. When I said no, he grabbed my arm and threw me inside and dragged me to the dance floor. Then there was a friend. Not a very good one, but still someone I know. I dont know what got into him, but he grabbed me by the hair and kissed me. Everytime I tried to get loose he just grabbed my hair harder. See, CREEP GUY NIGHT.

The next morning, she and I got up and met Angel for lunch. I miised her and was very glad to see her. After lunch, we went shopping for clothes. Well, me clothes and her stuff for her new apartment. I need new clothes badly. Very badly.

Later that night, we met my friend Maria, of all places, back at "Cheers". We'll try this again. It was definately not as packed and the age range wasnt so old or young. I had fun. I met a very nice guy who grabbed a seat next to us because as the night progressed it did get more crowded. And when I say nice guy, I really mean it. So we sat talking most of the night. He's very nice, yet firm with me. I jokingly responded to something he said with a smartass comment about myself. And he snapped at me...Stop it. You're beautiful. Damn, beer goggles. Oooh, smartass comment was something like that. At one point he said for me to look at him. I did and he stared at me funny...You have the most intensely, beautiful eyes. We'll keep this one around for shits and giggles.

When it was time to go, he asked if I could take his friend to his house. Neither of them were in any condition to drive, so the four of us piled in my car. I dropped his friend off at his house and he asked if he could come back to my house and hang out with us. I didnt see anything wrong with it...until my friend bailed out to go home. So it was just him and I. Contratrary to popular belief, I dont normally take guys I just met back to my house. He said he wanted to just sit, watch some tv and talk. Which is exactly how it was...for the first hour. Ok, we're going to fast forward a few more hours.

At about 6 am I took him back to his car. Just as he was getting out of the car, he turned around and asked me if I was going to give him my number. I gave it to him and he called me right then and there to make sure I had his number...or to make sure I was giving him a real number. Then he kept turning around Okay, one more. And he'd give me another kiss goodbye. We'll see how this turns out.

I pulled into my carport and was just about to get out when I remembered at 12:15 (while I was at the bar) I missed a call from Matt. Oh, shame. I didnt want to listen to it when I saw it came in, so I had decided to listen to it the next day. So after I pulled into my carport, I called my voicemail...Either you're being a stubborn man-hater or you have no reception and it didnt ring. Either way, I'll let this one slide. Mighty nice of him. Like he's doing me a favor "letting this one slide". I never called back.

Moving onward and upward.