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Written at 9:49 a.m. on Friday, Apr. 21, 2006

Its finally Friday. And I couldnt be more happier. Estatic is the word. This has felt like a very long week to me.

Today I'm having a lunch meeting. When I say that I mean a lunch with my marketing lady, a good friend, and a client, also one of my best friends. So this is more like a company sponsored girly lunch. Works for me.

And about ten minutes ago, I got a weird phone call here at work. I had, and still have, absolutely no idea who it was.

Me: Thank you for calling (blah, blah, blah)...
Him: Uh, what?
Me: I said 'thank you for calling...'
Him: Dont you just hate it when you forget who you were calling and why?
Me: You dont know who you're calling and why?
Him: Well, your boss for info on something...and you for lunch.
Me: Me?
Him: Yes, I'll have to tun it by your boss first. And let you wonder with whom until then.
Me: So, you're not going to tell me who you are?
Him: Nope. Ahh, the mystery.

I have no clue who that was. No even the slightest idea. Guess I will have to wonder until then. And I dont like surprises. Especially like this. Could be an ambush. And who knows what my co-workers think about my "lunch dates". They probably think I'm the office whore, but I swear its just lunch. Honestly. Even with "E". Whatever.

So, new guy, who we'll just call "K". I didnt hear from him. Probably wont. Dont really care either way. It was fun, brought a little intrigue...and that's enough for me. I dont want a relationship, we've already covered that. Not even a thought in my head.

And to clear this up and answer the question for Angel. Yes, yes I did. I didnt have any plans on taking him home and having sex. It just happened. After I left you at the bar, the four of us piled in my car and I dropped is friend off. The three of us headed to my house. Where Becca decided she wanted to go home to be with her dog. I'll leave that one alone. Anyway, and then there were two. That is how that transpired. Any more can call me this weekend.

I swear that is not normal for me. I cant say that it hasnt happened before, but its not a regular thing for me. Honestly. I dont know what it was. My first night out in a long time. Maybe. Not wanting Matt to be the last person I've been with. More likely. Who knows. So I can only imagine what he thinks of me for that. Again though...not really caring. I had fun for one night and that is all that matters to me on that. So if he calls, he calls. If not, I really dont care.

I dont really have any solid plans for the weekend. And I'm okay with that. Just going to go where it takes me.