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Written at 1:19 p.m. on Wednesday, May. 03, 2006

I thought east coast drivers were bad. The kind that will just yell at you for no reason. That is my stereotype...and California drivers take the cake.

My most frustrating time of the day is my 20 minute drive to work...and my 20 minute drive home from work. I dont get it. Everyone is always in such a hurry to go nowhere.

Yesterday I had to stop by the post office on my way home to drop off mail on my way home. There are two drive up mail boxes side by side but about 10 feet apart. So there is enough room for one car to be beside one mailbox while another car can be behind the first car at the second mailbox. Hope that makes sense. So yesterday I am the first car. I had a nice, healthy pile of mail too. As I'm putting it in the mailbox, the car behind me starts beeping at me. Mind you...this car can very easily pull around me. I didnt even need to move for them to be able to get out. But no, this lady thought it easier to sit there beeping at me instead. Which had everyone walking outside of the post office staring and wondering what the problem was.

Then this morning as I'm driving in to work, there was an SUV behind me. Right all up into my ass. I looked in my rearview window and see that the person is now flashing their lights at me. We have a problem here. Because A) There is no one else in any of the other two lanes, so this person was able to pass me. B) I'll admit I drive a fucking Saturn. While they arent always the fastest of cars...I was doing 60 in a 55. I shouldnt have to go any faster. and C) Its just plain rude. Enough said.

I dont get it. I leave my house 30 minutes before I need to be at work. That leaves me an extra ten minutes for traffic or stopping at Starbuck's or whatever. My point is...leave a little earlier. They get there on time...and I get to work without the frustration of dealing with them.

The drivers out here are so rude. When I went to AZ, just as I was coming back a car cut me off just as I crossed the state line. And I thought...I didnt need a sign telling me I was back in CA. The drivers here did that all on their own.

Needless to say, I've made it known...I'm going to the post office on these two days if you have anything to go on any other days, then you need to take it yourself.