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Written at 11:49 a.m. on Tuesday, May. 09, 2006

Dear Tracey,
Here is your horoscope
for Tuesday, May 9:

There's such thing as being too open. Someone in your immediate vicinity insists on sharing everything that happens to them. Find a way to exit discreetly. You really don't have to listen to this, you know.

If that isnt the truth. Can you say Freak? And even that is being nice.

After work yesterday I met NewGuy at a pool hall that is on my way home from work. I thought we were, well, going to play pool. But it was more like a "you sit there and watch me drink and be cold sitting outside with me while I smother you with my second hand smoke". And that part really wasnt to bad in comparison to the night as a whole.

I dont do well with drinkers. Well, at least not the ones that get more annoying with every glass. At first it was nice. He introduced me to all of his friends there. Which was like every person in the place. Then if I happened to start a conversation with one of them he'd come up and take my hand and take me to a different table. It got really annoying when I was talking to a friend from "Cheers" that happened to be there. Not one of his friends, one of mine.

He was being rude in a drunk way. Not an intentional rudeness. As I tried explaining to my friend when I apologized for leaving him in mid conversation, if you go to a bar be expected to run across some drunk people. It comes with the territory.

I dont know, if I never have to sit in a bar with him again I'd be okay with that. He's okay outside of that surrounding. But it reminded me too much of Matt's alcohol induced repulsiveness. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I do not feel like reliving any of that again. And he has quite a few of Matt's annoying qualities. Like the need to talk incessantly about absolutely nothing. And he's got the drinking part down just fine too. At one point he was talking to an older guy that was a Vietnam Veteran. I can understand the guy being bitter about it all having been there to live it. But oh my god! Some of the things that came out of NewGuy's mouth were just plain offensive. Not to mention a little racist. I really dont like that at all. Its in no way okay with me. And I'm quick to put someone in their place if they make a racial comment. Which only got him more fired up.

I just dont know about this one. I get a very bad feeling about this. He's already being obnoxious, overbearing and controling...and I havent even known him a week. This fish is going back into its murky waters where it came from.