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I am not worried, I am not overly concerned...cuz I've felt this way before
Written at 4:41 p.m. on Wednesday, May. 10, 2006

Dear Tracey,
Here is your horoscope
for Wednesday, May 10:

You and an old friend have been held apart by some strange circumstances, but all that will change thanks to benevolent influences from the stars. Try to reconnect; you'll be surprised by their enthusiasm.

That is very strange. I had a dream last night about Monique calling me. In my dream she had said something about only calling me because she didnt want me to feel bad that she never returned my call from months ago. I dont remember what else was said but I know she said something that upset me and I hung up on her. Then I felt bad about that, because I know she HATES being hung up on, so I went to call her back. Except my cell phone wouldnt pull up her number. It was in my phone, but I couldnt get to it. I would repeatedly pull it up and go to hit the talk button but it would disappear again. I was just about to give up and she showed up at my door. Then I woke up. Weird, huh? I know exactly what the dream means though. There's no trying to decipher little pieces of it. It's very clear to me. And the horoscope reinforced it. Things havent been right between us for a while.

Yesterday I went and got my hair cut. The weather is getting warm so the long(ish) hair had to go. The guy that cut it was absolutely entertaining. By the time I left I knew...he wasnt gay, he didnt have sex for a long time and it used to bother his girlfriends, his closest (nearest) relative is his cousin who lives about 10 minutes away, his ex-girlfriend told him she was abused one night when she was drunk and when he was younger he'd go to a club and all of his friends thought he was hooking up with an older lady that would pick him up there but it was really his mom. I dont know if I should know this much about anyone. Nor do I think I want to. But he did a fabulous job nonethless.

I havent heard from the guy from the other night. I'm not upset that he hasnt called at all. I did make it obvious that his attitude majorly changed my opinion of him. He was a really nice guy on the phone 11 am before he had a chance to get a drink in him. Once he was nothing but obnoxious.

Oh well, another one bites the dust.