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Written at 1:28 p.m. on Wednesday, May. 17, 2006

Its been 4 days since my last update?

A few things have happened. Its may not seem like alot, but in my small cramped ever-minimizing world it really seems like alot.

I have applied for school in the fall. I really dont know what I want to major in because its always changing. First I majored in Psychology. Then I majored in English. That is just to name a few. So I thought this time I'd try something that at least sounds fun. So Criminal Justice it is. For now.

It will at least get me up and among the world. Doing something. Anything. I need something challenging. So its on.

Now, you may want to write this date down. You've never heard it before and its very possible that you will never hear it again. Here goes...I think I may actually love my job. I'll elaborate on that later.

Bottom is good.