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I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door
Written at 12:29 p.m. on Sunday, May. 28, 2006

It was the best of times. It was the best of times. Oh yeah, it was the best of times.

Yesterday I was putzing around my house. Doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that. But really not doing anything. I went online to look up something and ended up getting an IM from "LongtimeCrush". We were talking about Big Bear and trying to figure that out. Still havent. Then he suggested I come down to visit him that night. You know what I said to that and if you dont then I will give you three guesses...and the first two dont count.

So by 6:00 I was on my way to San Diego. It was beautiful. I had burned a cd to listen to on the drive since I thought it was going to be a longer drive than it was. So I opened the sunroof and blasted the music. The ocean was beautiful. Its always a gorgeous drive down to San Diego.

I was told it would be about an hour and a half drive. It was more like and hour. When I got close to his house I called him to direct me the rest of the way. When I pulled up he was outside standing. Its been years since I've seen him, but good GAWD he still looks good. He gave me a hug and we walked up to his place.

He's moving this month so there wasnt much in the apartment. We layed on the floor and watched a movie. The fireplace was lit. He started rubbing my hand and before I knew it, I wasnt really too interested in the movie. And that says alot being as it was a Vince Vaughn movie.

So we made our way to his room. Where he lit a candle. It was just so...nice. (Insert deep sigh here) He is just so nice. So very, very nice. He is the complete polar opposite of Matt. Whose birthday it happened to be. I celebrated it...just with someone else.

We went out and picked up some food. By this point I was starving. We took it back to his house. After we ate, fire still going, he brought out his guitar and played it for a little while. (Another deep sigh) At one point he asked if I would've recognized him. Those eyes would have given him away. He said there was no way that he wouldve recognized me.

He is just so different from any guy I that. He has this whole soft side to him. And those piercing eyes. He's just incredible. I never in a million years thought I would have a night like that with him. It was all so perfect.

We both ended up getting tired and went to bed. It was nice sleeping next to him. The cool of the fan, the warmth of his body. I had no trouble falling asleep. And he was adorable. I dont think he even knew but every time he would roll over he would put his arm over my waste. And when he woke up I must have woke up minutes after him. I heard this soft Hello.

I've always liked him. From the first time I met him. He was dating a friend, and I never overstepped my bounds on that, but I was always attracted to him. They didnt date very long. She never quite knew and/or appreciated what she had. I'd have never let that one get away. We've kept in contact over the years. And I guess when I invited him to Big Bear the progression escalated. He did make a comment last night about really wanting to go.

I dont know if anything will come out of all of this. I'd like it and wouldnt mind if something did. But I'm not going to be my usual self...too attached or not attched enough. I'll find that happy medium.

(Another deep sigh. My last for today, but hopefully not my last overall)