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I'm not that bad am I, in my heart?
Written at 2:29 p.m. on Monday, Jun. 12, 2006

Yeah, today has started off nice. Not.

8:33 am - phone call. Didn't answer. No message.
8:37 am - Email. Subject: 1:57 7-11. Message: Was that necessary to do? You made the situation for me a little bit awkward.
8:44 am - phone call. Didn't answer. No message.
9:40 am - phone call (blocked number). Didn't answer. No message.
9:42 am - phone call. Didn't answer. No message.
9:45 am - Incoming call. From him. They're all from him. After he got finished yelling at me, talking trash on Kevin, pointing out that she is his girlfriend (Lindsay) and how he had to explain alot to her, he said I thought you were a good person...but you're a piece of shit.

He went too far on this one. Call my cell phone, I dont care. But when you email me at work and call me there too because I'm not answering your calls, you have just crossed the line. Be mad at me. Be furious at me. Don't involve my work in this at all. That's just wrong to email and/or call me here.

He did call me again and I didn't answer but he left a message saying how he was sorry and how he thinks I'm a good person. Sure glad he cleared that one up for me.
I think I may have made a mistake as well. I contacted who I needed to contact and reported him. It was a mistake because technically I violated it as well. I wrote back to emails and I responded to messages for a little while. So I may have shot myself in the foot. It was just like how this started. I only wanted someone to come remove a drunk man from my house. With this I just wanted someone to tell him not to call me. I think it will work this time.

I'll never fully be over or be rid of anything unless he is gone entirely.