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The way you kiss me, you're so amazing
Written at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Jun. 20, 2006

Its so nice that its already Tuesday.

Yesterday I spent my entire day in a seminar. It wasnt really a day away from the office being as both cell phones (personal and business) were being called all day. But at least it was a day away from sitting at this desk staring at the computer for hours.

After I left the seminar I met up with Rena back at work. We made plans a while back to meet up for drinks and dinner. One of our clients was taking us to the Improv for comedy night. I had a few Apple Martinis before and during. The show was great...raunchy humor and very funny. The client that took us is friends with the comedian preforming. I think his name is Lug Nutz. Or something like that.

I went home and just as I got in the door Eric called. For the past two nights we've been sitting up talking on the phone until really late. I like talking to him. He makes me laugh. He makes me laugh alot. And he's awesome. Treats me very well. At least so far.

We're going out tonight to go play miniature golf. This has the potential to be very scary. I did tell myself that I wasnt going to drink at all. I really dont know what has gotten into me lately. I'm really not a big drinker. So tonight is going to just be good, clean fun. But yeah, it will probably still be scary.

And I'm going to kick his ass at miniature golf.