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Written at 2:26 p.m. on Tuesday, Jul. 11, 2006

Its been a while. Not a huge while, but a while nonetheless.

I've got a new kinda neighbor. Yesterday Becca had some trouble with her soon to be ex-husband's sister coming to her house, beating the door open and threatening her. So she just packed up her apartment and moved. It just so happens to be the next streetlight down from me. Sure beats the 45 min distance she was before. Its also nice to be able to put her mind at ease. I know she worrys about him finding her alot and the whole sister showing up at her house scares her.

I've been kinda laying low for a while. Havent really gone out and done much lately. Not a whole lot to do anyway.

I was kind of talking to this one guy. We had plans for last weekend but I had to bail out. I just wasnt feeling it. Its not there. And he wanted to know where this is going because he didnt want to "spin his wheels" if I wasnt interested. That's just a nice way of saying that he didnt want to waste his time. If he didnt want to be patient and, oh I dont know, wait for the second date before dropping bombs I may have waited to see where it was going. But no, he took me to the lake and put me on the spot. I felt like pushing his ass in.

Besides, he is always complaining about something. Always. And I hate when he calls up just to complain to me about something. I dont mind someone venting to me, but when its every conversation it gets a little exhausting. Throw in some sunshine every now and again. His life cant possibly be that cloudy all of the time.

Other than that I have nothing else interesting. Not that what I did have was all that interesting to begin with. I've actually really liked the down time. I get so much more done when I'm not bouncing from one place to another. Tonight I am going home. No where else. I am so tired today.

So yeah, other than that I've got nothing.