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Written at 3:44 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 01, 2006

I would love to say that my lack of updating is because things have been so exciting and fun that I've been so busy with that. It would be a lie.

Its actually been pretty uneventful around here. With just cause. I needed to disconnect from things for a while. Its been like one of those scenes from a person walking slow while everything else is whizzing by. Maybe one day it will all make sense. For now I accept not knowing.

I want to go back home so badly. For a vacation that is. My cousin is getting married and I have the entire family calling to see if I am coming. I wish I were. I think the humidity back east will kill me...or my crazy aunt that ten years later still thinks that I'll be moving back home any day now. As for my cousin I am sure she understands. Hey, I'm just flattered being invited to this one. Her last wedding was in Vegas and no one found out about it for like 6 months...maybe longer. My family. Go figure.

I guess I'm just tired of dealing with people in general. Eric, who finally heard what I was saying and called me a mean person before hanging up on me. I tried not to be mean but he put me in that position anyway. Matt, who will never hear what I am saying or understand it in any way. Tracey, I have a drinking problem. All I could respond to that with was Umm, no you have a life problem. I'm done dealing with him.

I'm tired of dealing with people in general. So I figure if I just go home after work and stay there then I dont have to deal with people. And they wont have to deal with me. Seems like a fair trade off.

I also went ahead and cut a lot of my hair off. Well, not me personally. That would just be disastrous. But its a lot shorter than it was. It was just getting too hot to have long hair. Way too hot. Its probably the shortest I've had it in about 5 or 6 years. It just barely clears my chin. I like it.

It has been hotter than (fill in the blank with your favorite 4-letter word) here lately. I dont even bother leaving for lunch anymore. I leave my house at 7:30 am while the weather is still cool. I dont leave work until 5:30(ish) when its getting cooler. I dont leave in between. It also makes me look like the loyal, hard working employee that we know I'm not, err, am.

I do need a vacation.