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Written at 2:06 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 18, 2006

I feel like its been forever since I've updated.

I'm going home. Two weeks from today (which was Wednesday when I first started writing this). My aunt got me a ticket to go back to Baltimore for my cousin's wedding. So I'll be out there for 5 days. Actually, 6 days. I cant wait. All of my family will be there and they're all so, umm, crazy.

I've also had some weirdo knocking on my door every night in the middle of the night. Its been anytime between midnight - 1 am. I have no idea who it is. I haven't actually gotten up to find out. I'm a single girl living all alone. And that is how news stories begin. So as long as my doors are locked, they can knock all they want.

I had another PEP class last night. They aren't too bad. There is one girl in there who, while she is very nice, she's very annoying as well. She comments before each class about how we shouldnt talk so that class goes by quickly. There are some people in there with real problems that need to be worked out. And because they're paying for each class, they should be able to speak to the group as often and as much as they want. I dont even know why she's there. She doesn't participate in anything. I mean, I'm there voluntarily but I know I'm paying so I'm going to get something out of it.

So this weekend I am going to relax. I need it. I feel like I've been nonstop for weeks. I just want to kick back this weekend and not do much of anything. I've got to get so many things in order for this trip. I still have to get a wedding present for my cousin. I did manage to get my rental car reserved. I have to be able to go see my grandparents while I'm out there. And I dont need to worry about how I'll get back and forth.

My cousin (the other one, not the one getting married) was telling me today that she has arranged a blind date for me the Friday that I am there. I guess its her boyfriend's friend. It should be fun for us all to go out and do something. However, I do not want to get all interested in some guy 3,000 miles away.

Tonight I am going after work to The Game Stop to get some video games and then to the pizza place to pick up a pizza. I'm having a "friend" over later and that is what was planned for the night. Fun, fun.