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Written at 4:02 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 21, 2006

Its Monday. And Mondays always mean swimming in a sea of stupidity. Of course you know that its not my stupdity we're talking about.

I think I've got everything taken care of for my trip back home. I reserved my rental car the other day. I confirmed my itinerary with my cousin. I got things for my cat worked out so he wont be starving for 6 days. That is not like coming home to find your fish dead. I cant flush a cat.

I think my cousin is trying to bait me with this blind date she has planned. Would you move back if you met someone? I think the answer to that would still be no. I dont know. I know my aunt and uncle (her parent) ask me every time I talk to them if I am ready to come home. My uncle is always offering to fly out here and drive me back with all of my stuff. Its good to know the offer is there if I should ever need it.

I am also thinking that I may call my friend Jason while I am out there. He is one of those "says he will, never does" kind of people. I've been hearing how he's coming out here for the past five years, but he never has. We were supposed to get together when I was back there the last time but he was on a work trip. I've just been so curious to see him. He was the last person I hung out with before I moved out here. We rented movies and watched them at my apartment. He was also my first crush in high school. I was a Freshman and he was a Senior. It will be nice to see him.

I was also thinking that I might call Mike while I am there. I havent seen him in about 3, almost 4, years. He's only been back here once since he moved to D.C. I sent him a text message letting him know I'll be out there and what dates. It will be nice to see him too.

Between the two maybe if I'm lucky I'll be able to score a date to this wedding thing. I'm not sure if I even can take someone. I didnt RSVP for myself let alone +1.

Mike did call me back. He said some how, some way he'd get out to see me. He too asked me when I was moving back there. Appoarently never is not a word in anyone's vocabulary. I told him that I would call him once I got out there and we'd go from there. It will be strange to see him there. In a place that I've never seen with him. In a place that used to be familiar to me but isnt anymore.

Either way I am determined to make this a good visit.