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Written at 4:13 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 25, 2006

I always say that I dont have much to say. But I do and its the time to say it that's lacking here. I've been busy lately and that is a good thing. I like staying busy, but I like to have time too. Where is my happy medium? Oh that's right, they dont really exist.

I'm trying to get ready for this trip. I think its more of a mental thing if anything. Its the trillion and one things I think I need to do when really its maybe 20.

Yesterday I had a nail appointment. Tomorrow is the hair. I'll be seeing family that I havent seen in years, so I want to look my best. Besides, if I look good maybe they'll worry less about me feeling good. Looks can be deceiving. But for the most part I've been feeling good.

I've also been seeing someone new. Its great. Nothing like it was. He's so nice and treats me good too. For now we'll just call him "Newbie". (Angel, you some day all these Newbie's are going to get mixed up and confused with one another...if they arent already.)

This morning on my way into work I tried to call Curt. His birthday was a few days ago and even though we arent together, and havent been for 6 yrs, I still call him on his birthday every year. Except this year I didnt. I only have his work number since he's married now. When I called this morning, they told me he doesnt work there anymore. I hate that I have no way to contact him. I have nothing. Unless I want to call his mother and that's not going to happen.

So tonight we're going to stay in and watch movies. I'm going to try to squeeze in the Big Brother I DVR'd last night before he gets there. Then tomorrow night dinner and a movie.