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Its like rain on your wedding day, its the free ride when you've already paid
Written at 2:57 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 05, 2006

My trip was awesome. Completely.

The wednesday I left was spent mostly flying all day. I had a lay-over in Denver. My cousin met me at the airport in Baltimore and took me back to her house. Her youngest daughter, Brandi (8 yrs old) was the most adorable little thing in the entire world. Let me show you the room you'll be staying in (which was hers)...can I get you something to drink? the morning I am going to make us breakfast because I can cook eggs in the microwave. She was so small when I went there last. She's really grown up. My cousin has two other kids...Candace (15) and Ashley (19).

Thursday morning Ashley took me to the rental car place to pick up the car. Then I immediately went to see my grandparents. My grandmother and my great-aunt took me out to lunch. My great-aunt knew my birthday was coming up and wanted to celebrate it at lunch. She was nice enough to give me a card with money. It was good to see them. My grandparents are getting up there so I dont like to let too much time pass without seeing them.

Friday was kind of wild. My cousin took me to a bar down in Dundalk (Dun-dock for those that live there). I went with a mission to get plastered. And the hot bartender made sure I accomplshed that. He brought me so many different shots and didnt charge me for many of them. At the end of the night we exchanged numbers. Well, he had me scribble mine down and I had him program his number in my phone. I was just too FUBAR'd to do it. One shot I missed my mouth completely and I spilled a Long Island Ice-T on myself. I even at one point dropped my cell phone and didnt know it broke. My phone kept ringing and I couldnt understand, while sitting outside in the rain, why noone would talk when I answered. Dumbass couldnt comprehend that it was broken. I did score a t-shirt from the bartender though.

Saturday I had to get up early. Entirely too early for someone with a hangover. But we had to get to my aunt's house early to help set up for the wedding. We had a little visit from Hurricane Ernesto so we had to take the wedding inside instead of outside as originally planned. But it was beautiful nonetheless. My cousin had everyone crying, even the little kids. They did a sand ceremony which was supposed to represent their love. Like sand combined, once combined you cant seperate. After the ceremony it was time for me to get my drink on. And I fully succeeded on that. I did talk to the bartender who planned to meet us back at the bar later on. We hung out with him and then went to this all night diner until 4:30am.

Sunday I had to take my happy ass down to the Sprint store to get a new phone. I really scored there. I got a $350 phone for $100. And I love the phone. My uncle knew I wanted steamed crabs so he bought three dozen as an early birthday present. Which I thought was awesome considering he had already paid for my rental car. Later that night I met up with my friend Danielle. I have known her since high school and she was the first person to come out and visit me when I moved to California. I got to meet her 8 yr old daughter and see the new house she just bought. Both were beautiful. We ended up going to this seafood place to eat and just talk.

Monday I got up early to pack my luggage and get ready to go. None of my cousin's daughters wanted me to go and all three asked if they could come back with me. I love those girls. We all ended up getting to the airport early so we grabbed lunch. Then I headed to my gate to fly back to the real world. "Newbie" met me at baggage claim. Which was good because my aunt had to send me back with an additional suitcase to accomodate all of the new clothes she gave me.

As much as I miss being there already it was good to be home last night. To sleep in my own bed. To have "Newbie" there with me. I loved it. There are so many things I didnt even mention. I dont have the kind of time it would take to write it all out.

Tonight I am going to try to meet up with Becca. She called me earlier. I guess she went to "Cheers" last night and ran into "JohnnyAngel". She said he came up to her, poked her on her shoulder and asked where I was. I'd really love to see him. So we're going to go there later tonight.

When I came in to work this morning I found a big box on my desk. I opened it and found the cutest gift basket from a guy who isnt client but not really a vendor either. It was candles and lotions and things like that. We were talking a few weeks ago and realized we have the same birthday, so this was my present. I love it. I'll have to call him later.

So that brings me up to today. Here I am back to reality. And not really minding it either.