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Written at 6:23 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2006

I'm really over birthdays and if its alright I'd like to stop having them altogether.

I'm off work again today. I think I am going to stop by there after my doctor appointment today. I was to enjoy my day off yesterday, but that didnt totally work out. I ended up getting a call yesterday from my manager about something that was 1) stupid and 2) could probably wait for me to get back. This is also the same guy who, I heard, freaked out last week when I wasnt there because he couldnt figure out the postage meter.

I have as many things to do today as the age I turned today. I get to start with my doctor appointment. Then go to the Sprint store to get the right papers. Then stop by work to handle that situation. Then go get my car smogged. Then re-sign the lease on my apartment. Then go to the bank. Then go to the nail place. And by this time it should be time for my PEP class. I'm thinking I may not go tonight. Its my birthday and I'd rather not spend it listening to battered women share stories. I know that sounds inconsiderate but I'd rather spend my birthday around good things not bad.

I'm thinking I should go back to bed. I'm thinking I may have woke up on the wrong side of the web...again.