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Written at 9:31 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2006

Dang, 8 days? Time really gets away from me sometimes.

My birthday was good. Well, at least as good as it can be getting another year older. That part sucks. I spent my birthday running around taking care of all of the little things I had been putting off. (i.e. Smog check, Sprint store, doctor's appointment) I did get a nice phone call from Cameron singing Happy Birthday. That was cute.

Friday night I got a text from Becca while she was at "Cheers" saying Kevin was there. She said she had talked to him briefly nd he asked how I was. I guess he told her that he was thinking about stopping by my house since he had broke his phone and lost my number. Now that has me thinking that those late night knocks on my door were him. Who knows.

Saturday I met up with Emily and her daughter for lunch at the "crab shack" she used to work at. Her daughter gets cuter every time I see her. Lunch was nice. We plan on doing this every other month. Hope she sticks with it.

Last night was my PEP class. I only have 4 more left. I am actually starting to like the classes. While I was there I missed a call from Marc, the bartender guy from Baltimore. Hi Trac, its Marc from Baltimore. Give me a call. I'll have to do that. He was a nice guy. And the free drinks didnt hurt.

Tonight I am looking forward to going home and plopping my ass on the sofa. I have a million (and one) things I've DVR'd and need to watch.

Oh, five o'clock...where art thou?