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Written at 3:59 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 09, 2006

Even though I hate Mondays with a passion, this one hasnt been too bad so far. Its still early so it can all change at any minute.

This weekend was just way too short. I didnt get half the things I wanted to get done. Oh well, there's always next weekend.

Saturday I did go and get my hair done. It needed it so badly. It was the cutest thing. As I was sitting there waiting, I started talking to this older guy in the waiting area. He was there waiting for his wife to finish getting her hair done. They are both 81 years old and just had their 61st anniversary. Every Saturday he takes her there and waits while she gets her hair done. I think that is the sweetest thing.

After that I ran by the vet's office to pick up this perscription cat food for my fat lil cat. He's spoiled too. And I'm convinced he eats better than me too.

After that I decided to stop by CVS to pick up a few things. As I walked in the store, I heard someone come in behind me. I couldnt clearly hear what they said but I remember turning and looking at the person, then looking away...then doing a double take wondering if I wasnt hallucinating. At 6'4 its hard to mistaken this one. It was Matt. He made a comment about how he had been following me for most of my day. First, I in no way think that is true. Either way, that is now twice I've "run into" him in random places. Although this one was alot better than 2:00 in the morning at a 7-11 when we are both with other people. A little less awkward. I just dont like these odds. Any time, any where. Is he always going to be there?

This morning I bought another package at the MedSpa. The only things I will probably use are the microdermabrasion and the 1 hour massage. So I made an appointment for this Saturday for the microdermabrasion part of the package.

Its Monday and all I really want to do is get off work, go grocery shopping and get home. I dont feel like going to the pharmacy and post office and and bank and all the other crap I have to do before I go home. I just want to go home, take my shot, take A shot...and crawl into bed.

I'm going shopping after work to get stuff so I can start using my crock pot. I've used it once since Curt gave it to me 7 or 8 years ago. It will be nice to pop something in it in the morning and have dinner by the time I get off work at 5:00. I dont know why I havent used it alot more. I'll be using it now.