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Written at 1:52 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 01, 2006

I swear...I really do. That I will never, ever again even attempt to date someone that I even remotely work with in any way.

Wednesday I met this guy, we'll call him "Partyguy" (for reasons that have nothing to do with a party), after work for dinner. He took me to my favorite Indian restaurant. His idea on the place, not mine...just coincidence.

Anyway, I kept telling myself no matter what that I wouldnt get any interest in him. I have in the past dated guys (Curt & Matt) that I have worked with. I mean physically in the same building kind of "work with". This guy however, I deal with him and his company on a different level. His company is one of my clients. Whatever, lets push past that fact. We had a nice dinner and talked and had fun. At least I really did. The next morning I sent him an email..."Thanks for dinner last night. I had alot of fun". Nothing.

So phone at work rings and its him. It was a little awkward for me. He mentioned he got my email and that he had fun too. Nice. Next thing...he's aasking me about the invoice for the work we did for his company. Okay, that's weird. Was he calling to get his invoice and thought he'd make it less awkward by saying something about my email and that he had fun? Or was he calling to talk to me and just threw his invoice in the conversation to make it a little "business-like"?

Yeah...this is why I didnt want to like him in the first place. I dont think I'm ready to start thinking about things like this again...yet. The guys I dont like, I cant find forceps big enough to pull them out of places. And the ones I do like...well, they're just usually emotionally inept. Retarded is a better adjective.

This guy was just so nice though. When he mentioned he had two small pieces of baggage, I didnt want to get up and run screaming from the restaurant. Or fall of my chair like I have before. Not at all. He just seemed different.

So what the hell...he said he had fun too. Just ask me out again already.