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Written at 9:32 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 21, 2007

I am so sad for Becca right now.

We went out yesterday to BabysRUs to look at some things. After that we went to get lunch and look through the baby names book she had bought. We sat in the restaurant for hours just talking. It was so nice. And so very what I needed.

Today she called me in tears. She was on her way to the hospital...which she was driving herself to. She said she was getting bad pains and bleeding. I told her to call me from the hospital when she found out what was going on.

Apparently she was having some kind of pain and it was her going into early labor. At this point either she was going to lose her baby, go into labor and deliver four months early or the drugs were going to work and stop the labor. I dont think I've ever heard her so scared before. Thanksfully the meds worked and she was being released. They said the baby was doing good.

I know this is a very bad time in her life for her to have a baby. She's still proceeding with a divorce from her husband. With the DUI on top of it all. So I know this is a bad time for her to have a baby. But I wholeheartedly think if something happened and she lost the baby, she would never recover from this.

I cant say that I would either. I dont think you ever fully recover from something like that. I would be a wreck.

So I'm going to try to get up to her house tomorrow after work.

Other than that, this is all that has happened this weekend.