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Who knew...
Written at 2:20 p.m. on Friday, Mar. 02, 2007

Its kind of weird. I think I actually, for an hour or so, let my defenses down. Its very out of character for me. Very.

I had dinner with "Partyguy" a few nights ago. We went to our "usual" place. We were doing our Valentine's Day thing. A little late, but our schedules didnt allow it on Valentine's Day. He's finishing up some architectural class on Wednesdays.

Anyway, after dinner we went outside and he mentioned he had something in his car for me. He walked...I drove...over to his car. He gave me one long stem red rose. I have it here on my desk and it looks nice 3 or 4 days later. I loved it. It was nice. He said, "I would've given you 12 but I didnt want you to get spoiled early on." No, not me.

So the walls came down a little bit. I talked to him this morning and he asked me about my weekend. He's going to try to finish up his house. He mentioned that he wanted me to see it. I think he takes alot of pride in the fact that he's doing everything himself. All of the electrical wiring and the addition to the house. Stuff like that.

So...we'll give this one a fighting chance.

I cant explain it to where it really makes sense. Doesnt even really make sense to me. I guess what I'm trying to say may turn out may turn out good...but it wont turn into anything unless I give it a chance to turn into something. Whatever it ends up being.

He seems like a nice guy. If anything there can at least be a really cool friendship out of it all.

Who knows?