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Written at 3:57 p.m. on Monday, Mar. 12, 2007

this has been a weirdly, awesome Monday. And in the records of my life...there arent many of those.

First, I feel...strangely, good today. I've taken it upon myself to start on a new round of vitamins and supplements that I wasnt taking before. I found a way to take the B vitamins that I needed without a shot. Its no big surprise since I've known for a long time. Since I cant get B's orally, and I'm over the thought of one more shot, I'm trying sublingual. I'll try anything once.

Normally I have full feeling but a little uncoordinated with it. Today I feel completely numb...but fully coordinated. I'd rather be able to use it than feel it. SO this works for me.

I spent my weekend with Becca. Saturday I went with her to her sister's house for her neice's birthday. She's the cutest little girl. Just turned two. Her sister is pregnant too. But alot closer to her due date than Becca is.

Last time she mentioned doing something with her family, she brought up how she would understand if being around her family is uncomfortable for me because I dont have family here. I told her that its actually the opposite. I love being around her family.

Today I heard from "J". Was nice to hear from him actually. If anything, it makes me know we didnt go out on a bad note. Ya know. That there is at least still a friendship there. I like that.

Tonight I'm going shopping. I need stuff. Okay, I might not need them as much as I just want them. Either way...I'm going shopping.