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Written at 10:10 a.m. on Thursday, May. 17, 2007

Things for me seem to be getting weirder by the day. I had been talking to this guy...he popped up online one day.

Him: So where in (city that I live in) do you live?
Me: I live off of (street that I live off).
Him: And you live in an apartment?
Me: Yes.
Him: Let me live in (Name of my apartment complex)?
Me: Yes.
Him: Maybe we'll run into each other at the mailbox.
Me: Haha. (I'm curious now) So how close are you to the mailboxes.
Him: Not too far. I'm in Building 1.
Me: (Shit, I'm in Building 1 too) Are you on the left or the right side of Building 1?
Him: Right side.
Me: (Whew) So when you go into your side of the building, are you on the left or right?
Him: Left side, near the back.
Me: Oh freaking great, we have a common wall.
Him: We do? Sweet.
Me: Now, I'm not going to tell you which one...however, you should probably know that the girl you have over there is very loud and obnoxious. Like this very monotone, FAKE orgasm sound.
Him: No, not me. I wish, but its not me.

Sure. Okay. Whatever. This has the potential to be something uncomfortable for one or both of us. I mean, the wall we share is our bedroom walls. I think he knows that too. I may just be paranoid or something, but as I went in to the building last night I felt like someone was creeping behind me. And every time I turned around, so did they so I couldnt see a face...they just kept trying to look like they were doing something.

Then last night, when I got back to my house my phone rang and it was him. I didnt answer it. Then a little later I got a text message...And he wonders if she has text. Which my text sound went off really loud, so there was no denying I was home. So when he called back, I answered. Its hard to understand him on the phone. He's from England and has a very strong accent that in person would be understandable, but on the phone isnt.

So that kind of shit would only happen to me. I meet a guy and he happens to be my way over-sexed next door neighbor. I want to laugh...but its just not that funny to me. And he keeps denying that it was not from his house that I heard it coming from. Not true...but I just dont care enough to argue.