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Written at 9:40 a.m. on Monday, Jul. 30, 2007

Another Monday here in the blink of an eye...

This weekend was fun though. Saturday I stayed home and cleaned out my house. Sunday I went to Becca's house for a little bit to hang out with her and Gavin before we went to the TGI Friday's at Knott's Berry Farm for her cousin's birthday.

Its always so good to see her family. I always wonder how awkward its going to be going to one of her family things...but her family is more pleasant to be around than my own sometimes.

Speaking of family. I am meeting my cousin's wife after work today. We havent figured out where yet. Its always nice to see her. It at least gives me a little reminder that I do at least have some family out here. She also told me that her mother-in-law (my aunt) is coming back with the girls this week. My aunt comes out every summer to pick up the girls and take them back to Maryland for the summer. So I am planning to see them probably Thursday.

Other than that...not too much going on here. Cant say I'm complaining about that though. =)