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Written at 9:25 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 03, 2007

Yesterday on my way in to work, my check engine light came on. Shortly after I dropped my car off, the guy calls me I reset your light and am not sure why it came on...I thjink something about yor gas cap. Mo problem...but since I have your car here, you are overdue on your oil change and both your front and rear brakes are almost as thin as a piece of paper. Three hundred dollars later...

My cousin's wife picked me up and took me to pick up my car after work. I then followed her to the hotel my aunt is staying in while she is in town. I spent most of the night over there hanging out with all of them. It was so nice to see them all. I tend to go so long without family contact that I entirely forget what family is. And its always bittersweet when someone comes to town...I get happy to see them, but ready to pack my things and leave when they go.

So 'm doing it again tonight. After work 'm meeting everyone at the hotel. I dont know what we're doing yet...but dont really care. Its just nice to have them here.

I'm also hoping to see Becca over the weekend. I miss my lil peanut. And miss spending time with her. So we'll see.