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I feel a change coming...
Written at 5:56 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 05, 2007

Wow, 22'd that happen?

So much has happened since that last entry. I left my job. It wasnt working for me. Or should I wasnt working for anyone. So for the time being, I am on disability until October 28th. I'm looking at it as the "down-time" I so desperately needed. Time to get myself back together and get things going in the right direction again.

I have also made the decision to change my medication. I was a little scared at first. This particular medication was taken off the market after three people died from a brain infection. The was I se it...if my quality of life isnt good, then my death doesnt mean shit either way. Besides, this drug has had nothing but good things said about it by the people who have been taking it since its been back on the market. Which gives me hope. This new treatment isnt a shot either...its a two hour infusion therapy once a month. I also found out today that I can kiss that $100 co-pay that I had been spending on my shots every month goodbye...this is 100% covered by my insurance. Win-win in my eyes. I'm just very excited all around. Very hopeful too.

I get frustrated all the time. It just really sucks when your body doesnt wnt to do what you tell it. "Left leg...your turn." Its so hard to only be 31 and feel like an elderly person...sometimes worse.

This time off has allowed me to spend some days with Becca and baby Gavin. I love that. I really love spending time with both of them. Hard to believe he's almost 2 months old.

I have officialy decided that there are no children in my future other than someone else's. There is NOOOOOOO way that I could handle it. I can barely carry myself at times let alone myself with a child in hand. No way...nuh-huh.

So now that I am in way better spirits than I was in that last entry, I am hopeful again. We'll see...