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Written at 5:01 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 29, 2007

So my interview...I kicked @$$. I got there a few minutes early. I sat in my car thinking to are going to do this...for one day you're not going to let the weight of things bring you more down. I got up...walked to the front door...went in...and pulled this shit off. Not a stumble...not even a limp. I pulled it off.

It went well. The woman was so nice to me. I had barely gotten out to my car and to the light before she called me on my cell...Are you available tomorrow for a 2nd interview with the office you'll be working in? I am now. It seems like a very good company. and it helped that her company was a client at my last company.

Afterwards, my friend Dan called. We had planned to meet up at Starbuck's. Apparently, there are two of them directly accross the street from each other. I had thought I was being stood up until I saw this big 6 foot 8" guy walk up explaining he was across the street. So we sat there talking for a while.

I am in a mindset now to get my life back. I am really looking forward to getting things back together and being happy again.

Day one...down.