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Written at 3:41 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 01, 2007

Its been a crazy week here.

I had another interview this morning. It was literally right down the street from my house. Loved that. I thought it went pretty good. I'm crossing my fingers there. I need a job. I have other alternatives...but a job is the best one.

This morning I got my first email from baby Gavin...hello aunty's me gavin...well my mom is typeing but i'm telling her what to say..i just wanna say that i miss you and hope you come and visit me soon..don't tell mommy i said this but she is pretty sad and lonely over here and she wants you to come brother cheech misses you too...he says he has slimmed down and wants you to see the weight loss...personally i don't but hey...i'm only 4 months old...what do i know?? anyway here are some halloween pics in case you forgot what i look like....i know it seems impossible to me never know.....feel better aunty mommy really likes you as a friend and she would be lost without you...but on the brighter side...she would not run up her mins talking to you...just kidding...bye bye

gavin taylor

ps- it's 902 pm and i'm stillup causing chaos..hee hee

So I made plans to go up there this saturday to see them both. Its been a while. The pictures she sent me are adorable. He is just the cutest little thing. I love them both so much.

I have my second infusion therapy tomorrow. I hope it goes as smoothly as the first one did. I need my life to get back to where it was. I need to be functionable again. I'm tired of feeling this way.

I'm going to try to get out and do a few different things this weekend. Seeing Becca and Gavin is a must. I miss them both so much. I talk to her every day for hours...but that's different. Not enough for me.