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I'm waiting for my real life to begin...
Written at 11:15 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 04, 2008

I am not sure where to start. Its been so long that I even forget where I left off at.

Christmas was good. Nothing big. Just a friend or two. I was really kicking myself on Christmas Day for not taking that plane ticket back to Baltimore to be with my family. It just didnt work out this year.

New Years was about the same. Nothing too extravagant. I was so tired that I barely made it to midnight. It was refreshing to see 2007 gone. Which is funny...I was just telling Becca the other day how I seem to really not do well in the years that are odd number. That even numbers have always been better. So as I was flipping through the tv the other day I came across Montel who had his resident psychic on and she was saying the same odd numbered years are often the hardest.

I do known I am going to make the most out of 2008. I spent 2007 so miseraable and depressed for most of it. Thankfully lately I've been doing so much better. I am almost back to where I was a year or two ago. When I didnt have the constant reminder of how sick I am. Lately I've been doing "normal" things. Its been a lot easier to do things lately.

This infusion therapy has really made a difference. Its been night and day. And the girl who started her therapy with me has said the same thing...its working for her too. I cant even begin to give enough kudos.

So that is where I am at right where and somewhere else at the same time. =)