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I've been talking to my angel...and he says that its alright...
Written at 7:47 p.m. on Thursday, Jul. 10, 2008

Well, lets much to say.

I'm talking to Becca again. She called me the other night and we talked things over a bit. Her phone kept hanging up, so we never really hit the main things that probably shoulve been talked about. We'll see.

I have been talking to this guy. He is absolutely adorable. He makes me just want to jump into his arms. We sat outside the other night at my pool. We sat there and it was perfect...the weather was awesome and breezy, so awesome I just wanted to grab a blanket and lay out in the grass staring at the stars. he sat there playing with my hair and stroking my face. It was so sappy that if I had been watching it on tv, I probably wouldve changed the channel. But it was me, so it was totally perfect.

When I talked to him today, he sid that he was thinking of coming over. It was more of a statement than a question. Which hopefully means that he feels comfortable enough with me to assume that its ok.

It has been long day, so I dont know. I went to ork at 7 am...and didnt get out until 6:30 pm. I was so tired when I left there that I couldve slept in my car in the parking lot for the night. Tomorrow I lose my half day. My company is giving everyone a half day off in July and in August. I picked my two doctor days. Unfortunately, all of my magazines are closing around the same time and my presence is highly needed there right now. I may even have to go in on Saturday. Which seemed okay up until about 10 seconds ago...I have Gavin's birthday. I cant not be there. I just made up with Becca...its unforgivable if I dont show up for his first birthday party.

I also spent an hour on the phone with my aunt last night. She is coming down from Seattle August 19 thru 23. We were joking about a guy we saw at the Bellagio hotel in Vegas years ago and I joked about Googling his name. Well, I did and I found his website. He plays often in Southern California I found out. So we're going to find out where he'll be when she comes down and we're going to try to see him perform somewhere. He was just an amazing artist. And when he came over to our table afterwards, he was so charming and had a magnetic personality. All of the women in my family have joked about him for years because he was just so charming and handsome. It will be so nice to see him again.

So I have two final projects for school this weekend. I am so close to just blowing off the class that I might fail. The teacher cant even get me through the school library website. Something not right about that. We'll see.

And that's where I am at right now. I am actually pretty content where I am at the moment. Its been a long time since I've been able to say that. I dont want to break down anymore. I'm actually lloking at my life optomistically lately. And anyone who knows me knows that I am usually Pessimistic Peggy. I hope this is a bright beginning of something for me.