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Another one bites the dust...
Written at 3:05 p.m. on Sunday, Jul. 20, 2008

Okay, did I mention this guy "Colton" that I had been seeing? Well, if I didnt, perhaps it was over before I could make a single entry.

We had spent a good week hanging out...but I think he may have been Developmentally Disabled. We got into an argument about his Best Buy account. I stupid, right? Well, he was trying to tell me that if he didnt pay his laptop off at Best Buy that they were going to come "repo" it. He tried to rationalize it by saying that he was financing it. It isnt like a car...they arent going to come knocking on your door and ask for their $1000 laptop back. So we got into an argument about that.

It was all good until he sent me an message (On MySpace...LAME) telling me how I can never be wrong and I'm just like his ex-wife. Let me give that to you one more time...I remind him of his ex-wife. No man is going to tell me that. I kindly wrote back to him and explained that he didnt have a job (Hasnt had one in two years), lives between his parents' and his grandparents' houses with his two kids, and spends all night playing with RC cars and sleeping all day instead of doing things with his kids...I like my men with their shit together a little more than he has it. Oh well, better now than 5 yrs down the road.

Speaking of weeding out the bad ones, I am out with Becca today shopping and noticed that I had missed a text...from Matt. Sorry I lied to you. I just wanted to stay friendly. WTF? I cant get him to understand that if you want to be my friend, at least be someone that I would want to be friends with. I dont need friends who lie to me and use me. I didnt respond to him. I'm not texting back and I'm not calling. I need that door to be closed and stay closed. I need that part of my life to be done with and behind me. No turning back now. I'm starting to get my life together and he's just a speed bump that slows me down.

So that is where I am at right now. Weekends are hard for me and I think I feel them hard sometimes. I think too much on a normal day, but weekends allow me the time to overthink things.