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Written at 4:24 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2008

Time keeps getting away from me here. It stand still everywhere else.

I've been trying to get out alot more lately. I think I've done pretty well at it, too. Tonight I think I am going to stay in though. It will be nice to get a decent night's sleep.

Friday, was strange. I got in at about midnight and had decided to sit and catch up with some shows that I dvr'd. As I was watching them, my landline rang. When I answered, the recording said that it was a text to landline message. It was a computer saying the text, so it didnt make sense to me. The gist of it boyfriend, your phone number, what is going on. I automatically thought that it had something to do with Matt. How could I not? Even though I havent been in close contact with him lately.

So I called the number back and it was some girl asking why my number was in her boyfriend's cell phone. Mike, a guy that I went out on a few dates with back in April. He had sent me an email last month saying that he wanted to talk to me and I sent him a text saying "If you want to" I felt so bad talking to this girl. Mike always said that he wasnt dating anyone let alone living with a girl for 3 years. It really hit home for me talking to her. During the entire conversation, I felt so happy to be away from Matt and all of this drama. So not good. I really felt sorry for her because I know how it feels to call someone up to get answers about your boyfriend. I did it for 5 years. She was talking about how she had just got into the shower and heard him grab his phone and run out the front door. Shortly after that, she found the text messages from whomever it was that he was talking to. I remember those days...too afraid to miss something that I didnt even want to get into the shower. So happy to be over that now. I am so much happier with my life now.

It was kind of funny because I did talk to Matt the other day. And he asked me if I had called this one girl that he had cheated on me with. All that I could tell him was that I am so past that part of my life now. He's not a part of it anymore...and for that I'm grateful. I have no need to call anyone anymore. Those days are over. I, in no way, want any part of that in my life again.

I did meet someone. I really like him a lot. We've kind of talked about things, but neither of us is putting a lot of pressure on it right now. I just really enjoy him and his company. He's alot like me and sometimes it makes me laugh. We really have so much fun together. I can really just sit there and stare into his eyes for the longest time. He's just so easy to be with. Chances are that he will find my little sanctuary here. He's computer-crafty like that. But I would tell him these things to his face, so it doesnt matter. I dont have anything to hide from him.

I finally passed that stupid Critical thinking class...with an A, too. Nice to be done with that. Now its time for research Writing and Human Services in the U.S. So far, both fun classes. Nice teachers, too. I have got to finish school and find a better paying job. Ugh.

I even had to go so far as to get money from my family this month. I had a charge on my card that left me with a huge credit, but nothing could be doine to credit my card back. Thankfully for my aunt and my mother, it all worked out. I really hated asking either of them for anything. Really sucked. I like being independent and asking noone for anything.

Oh well...thats my life right now.