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Written at 8:29 a.m. on Sunday, January 18, 2009

I am so happy. Tom thinks its funny when I say that I am so happy that I could jump out of my skin. I really could.

I finally have arrangements. I leave Wednesday night on the red eye. I cant wait. He'll be there to pick me up from the airport. I felt bad because I asked him to park and come in to the airport. I am going to need help out. Two suitcases and two cats...I am going to need a hand. Wouldnt anybody??

I know that I am doing the right things for me with this move. Yeah, I'll miss the warm weather when I am in 10 degree weather there. But so long as I am with could be minus ten degrees. I really wouldnt care. I just cant wait to start my life with him. He was awesome back in high school and he is awesome now...minus the speedbump that we hit. But it was just that...a speedbump. We slowed but we didnt stop.

I have this feeling that I am just going to lose it at the airport. I know I will. Everything is just going to come to the surface when I see him and I am going to lose it. Besides, it will be 5 am Eastern time when I get there. That's really early, y'all.

So Matt came over last night to help me pack and get some things thrown out. Its been bitter-sweet to see him. He kinda gets irritated if I talk about things or if I need to take a phone call while he's here. I can understand that. I probably would too. But I wouldve taken care of my girlfriend when I had her so that it wouldnt even get to this point. He sees that now. But its way too late. No turning back now.

I know that I have always sat here and talked about the guy of the week like he was (insert diety of choice here) or something. But this guy just grabs my heart. He did way back then. I really shouldve married him then. He's just so awesome to me. I keep worrying about if I am going to be a burden...or what he will think if I get sick. His response..."I love you and I will carry you if I have to." He just melts me. He really brings a whole nw meaning of life to mine. I am not afraid like I used to be.

I just feel like the luckiest girl in the entire world right now. I have a boyfriend who loves me so much and he shows it and tells me every chance he can. I have family that is literally bending over backwards to get out here and get me back there. I never thought that I would have this much love around me. It feels so good.

Life is so good right now.